Sunday, July 14, 2013

Milwaukee Archdiocese to release sex abuse file on another priest

The Associated Press reports at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
"Karen Konter, 54, said Musinski [Fr. Donald Musinski, since deceased] abused her from age 8 to her graduation from eighth grade in 1972. Planning for her 25th grade school reunion triggered memories, and she reported the abuse in 1997. She said she made numerous reports to multiple people over the years but eventually gave up on what she described as a lengthy and frustrating process to verify her claim.

"'I just finally said, 'I'm done,' she said.'

"Konter was serving on the creditors committee for the bankruptcy case when her attorneys asked her to speak with an investigator one more time. After that, Musinski's name was added to the list, she said."

One other diocesan priest is on leave while an investigation is pending.

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