Tuesday, July 2, 2013

James Arimond at St. Alphonsus

James Arimond was assigned to our parish as an Associate Pastor from January 13, 1969 to October 16, 1979. [pdf]

He was reported to police January 16, 1990 for sexual abuse of two minors that occurred during the period 1985-1989. He was charged, was eventually convicted under a plea bargain, sentenced to probation, and ultimately laicized January 29, 1996.

The Archdiocese's file summary includes,

"In 2002, two abuse reports were made to the archdiocese; one that took place in 1975 and one that took place in 1980."
I assume the 1975 incident involves sexual abuse of a minor during his assignment at St. Alphonsus. If this has ever been publicly discussed at our parish since the 2002 report, I missed it. (I had learned, by other means, that there had been an incident of abuse by a priest assigned to St. Al's.)

The last document in the Arimond file is a March 2005 [pdf] settlement of an abuse claim after mediation, but it does not indicate when or where the abuse took place.

Update: Priest Suspected of Child Abuse Worked in Greendale: Church Records, by Charles Gorney at Greendale Patch.

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