Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The AP reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that an Ex-priest seeks $450,000 from Milwaukee Archdiocese.
"The [bankruptcy] claim filed by Marvin Knighton stands out because he was acquitted by a jury. But the church still removed him from the priesthood, saying two of three allegations against him had merit.

"Knighton is seeking back pay of $450,000."

If you don't routinely deal with such large amounts, an alternate unit of measurement can help. An example from another context is the astronomical unit [au] which equals 92,955,807.3 miles, "roughly the average Earth–Sun distance". Thus, one can say "Jupiter is 5.20 ± 0.25 au from the Sun" rather than about 483,638,000 miles.

In this present context, I suggest as an alternate measure the Archepiscopal Boy Friend Unit, or abfu. Since $450,000 was the amount of the hush money paid by our Archdiocese to Paul Marcoux regarding his allegations of date rape against Archbishop Weakland, the Knighton claim is for one abfu.

The $4.6 million our Archdiocese offered in the failed 2010 mediation of all remaining claims equals about 10 abfu.

The $9 million in bankruptcy-related legal fees paid by our Archdiocese through February equals 20 abfu.

Hope that helps.

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  1. When a priest sits down with the finance commitee do they set the spreadsheet up for abfu, or do should they continue to be ecumenical in using the $ like other "churches"