Monday, June 3, 2013

Supervisor wounds and cougar sightings

Our suburban weekly's police blotter included,
"Police are seeking a 33-year-old woman who shoplifted a total of $54 worth of groceries at Pick 'n Save, 7780 S. Lovers Lane Road, on three separate occasions between April 23 and May 4. The suspect was identified by her Advantage Card, which she swiped in the self-checkout lanes during each incident."
In other local news:

Marina Dimitrijevic won't say if she is punishing dissident supervisors, by Daniel Bice at No Quarter, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 31, 2013. Mark Borkowski and Steve Taylor whose districts include parts of Franklin, were among County Supervisors who lost committee assignments or chairmanships after publicly advocating removing Supervisor Dimitrijevic as County Board Chairwoman. A quote from Supervisor Borkowski sounds as if this is personal, as well as political.

Steve Taylor realizes he is all the rage politically: Franklin alderman and Milwaukee County supervisor evaluates himself and his dual roles, by Rick Romano at Franklin Now

Reports of cougar sightings in Franklin draw skepticism: Seven reports of big cats surfaced in city since November, by Scottie Meyers at Franklin Now

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