Saturday, June 22, 2013

Snopes on 'Letter to Dr. Laura' perpetuates urban legend

Snopes' 'Letter to Dr. Laura quotes a purported letter, or open letter, to Dr. Laura premised on her stating on the air that her views on homosexuality are based on the Bible, specifically Leviticus. The Snopes article deals not only with the issue of whether the letter was genuine, but also goes on at some length to note numerous criticisms of Dr. Laura.

Snopes does not, however, deal with whether or not Dr. Laura ever said this is the basis for her views on homosexuality. She says she did not, see Setting My Record Straight About Gays, Dr. Laura's Blog, June 22, 2010, almost two and one-half years prior to the latest update to the Snopes article.

Pointing this out hasn't gotten a change, or response, from Snopes, nor has the alternate suggestion of investigating the rumor that Dr. Laura said on the air that homosexuality is wrong because it is contrary to Leviticus 18:22.

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