Saturday, June 29, 2013

Roll over Beethoven, I'm workin' at home Sunday, says Pope

Pope misses Vatican concert due to other commitments, by "New Catholic" at Rorate Coeli; 'Non sono un principe rinascimentale che ascolta musica invece di' ["I am not a Renaissance Prince who listens to music instead of working."]

St. Joseph in the Canon of the Mass, by Joseph A. Komonchak, dotCommonweal, quotes Karl Barth. "Joseph, in my opinion, in his relation to Christ, played the same role as the Church should exercise. ... The Church cannot give birth to the Redeemer, but she can and must serve Him with discreet and humble zeal."

Jimmy Carter: A Sunday Interview, by Elizabeth Dias at Time. "In a wide-ranging interview, the former president calls on Catholics to accept female priests, America to denounce the death penalty, and Obama to stay out of the Syrian war." (via New Advent)

Victims await Milwaukee clergy sex abuse files, by M.L. Johnson, Associated Press, Beaumont Enterprise (via SNAP Wisconsin)

5 Things to Know about Milwaukee clergy abuse, by Associated Press, Houston Chronicle (via SNAP Wisconsin)

Reward for stolen sculpture now $2,000, reported the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, regarding Mother and Child, by Cody Swanson (via JSOnline)

Capuchins protected sex abusers for years, self-audit reveals: Case sheds light on religious orders, dioceses, by Annysa Johnson, at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (via SNAP Wisconsin)

Can Abstraction in Art Articulate the Central Mystery of Faith? by Michael F. Tamara at Adoremus Bulletin

Adoremus Bulletin has also made the entire series, Buried Treasure: Sacred Music and the Twentieth Century Liturgical Reform, by Susan Benofy, into a single document available for download as a pdf.

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