Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Catholics at the Capitol (of Wisconsin, not Israel or Palestine)

Tomorrow is that last day for reduced-rate advance registration of this year's Catholics at the Capitol in Madison.
"The Most Reverend Peter F. Christensen, Bishop of Superior, will provide a keynote address on the event's theme, 'Reclaiming the Common Good in the Year of Faith.' The day also features breakout sessions on Catholic social teaching, religious liberty, the dignity of life, end-of-life care, environmental stewardship, marriage and society, prison reform, parental choice, peace and non-violence in the Holy Land, health care, employment, and solidarity and subsidiarity."
Not sure what a breakout session on "Catholic social teaching" would be, since all the other topics sound like Catholic social teaching. Given the state of religious education, maybe it's the remedial group.
"During the afternoon general session, a panel of bishops and lay faithful will discuss how Catholic values can advance the common good in a way that persuades citizens in a diverse society."
If the application of Catholic values within the Church could be shown shown to advance its own common good, then that would persuade citizens in a diverse society. If that internal application cannot be shown, then the panel will be addressing an "if necessary, use words" situation.
"Registration begins at 8:15am, and the day's events start with a prayer service at 9:15am. After the afternoon general session adjourns at 3:25pm, participants are encouraged to walk over to the State Capitol to meet with their legislators."
Subsidiarity indicating this would not be to talk about 'peace and non-violence in the Holy Land', though I've noted some think it a topic for the Milwaukee Common Council.

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