Monday, April 29, 2013

And now on to polygamy

"The government is now saying it understands marriage as a long-term legal commitment between two people who are assumed to have a sexually attached relationship to each other. Gender is irrelevant; marriage is simply a paired relationship. It's a big deal when social institutions change this way, and if conservative heterosexuals feel their marriages are affected, they're right, even when the way they phrase their complaints ['devalue traditional marriage'] is wrong."
So M. S. posted at Democracy in America, later concluding,
"But my guess is that the real answer to the conservative question 'why not more than two people, then?' is that we will stick to pairs because marriage is a creature of the state and pairs are the form that makes the state strongest. Nobody, though, gays or conservatives, finds this way of thinking about the issue very appealing, so it probably won't get much play."

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