Monday, April 1, 2013

A Wauwatosa priest ordered to stay away from his church and school

WTMJ-TV reported Friday that Salvatorian Father Bob Marsicek was suspended as pastor of St. Pius X Church in Wauwatosa (a Milwaukee suburb).
"Police are investigating an allegation Marsicek Had inappropriate contact with a student at Wauwatosa Catholic -- a combination of St. Pius and St. Bernard students.
"Marsicek was suspended Thursday. He has not been arrested. There are few details about the accusations.
"Fr. Rodrigues, Salvitorian's [sic] Religious Order Provincial, tells TODAY'S TMJ4 they are 'in the dark' about what exactly was reported to police. ..."
Parishioners interviewed found the situation unbelievable, based on their knowledge of Fr. Marsicek.

(via SNAP Wisconsin)

Update: Annysa Johnson posts additional information at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"Archdiocese spokesman Jerry Topczewski said police were called after a teacher observed behavior she believed to be 'questionable or inappropriate.' Teachers are required by law to report any suspicions."

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