Thursday, March 14, 2013

Green parties

Trudi Jenny, a member of the Pax Christi Global Restoration Committee, provides her Report back from February 17th Climate Rally in DC.
"Between 35,000 and 50,000 souls from across the country braved the cold to express the urgent need to lower our carbon emissions... .
It actually wasn't just their souls, and fossil fuels had to be expended to get their bodies there and back.

Though for Ms. Jenny, going there did take her back.

"The event brought back memories of being in D.C. to participate in civil rights marches and protests against the Vietnam War. ..."
P.S. Using a fitting image for the day's frigid temperatures, Christopher F. Schuetze at the International Herald Tribune characterized the protest as Holding Obama’s Feet to the Climate-Change Fire. If the president felt warmth that day, however, it was because, as The Washington Post reported, "He was in Florida playing golf... ."

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