Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Curiae et orbi

The Economist previews the Conclave,
"Deeper questions include the loss of religious faith in Europe; the challenge from evangelical Protestantism in Latin America; persecution of Christians in the Middle East and clerical sex abuse. But none is as pressing as the turmoil in the Roman Curia, the church’s central administration."
and its Schumpeter column looks at Pope, CEO.
"His most pressing task will be to deal with the sex scandals. This is partly a theological issue: the church would attract a very different workforce if it did not insist that all priests be male and celibate. But since the faith is growing fastest in areas of the world that are staunchly traditionalist, the next pope will probably not allow female or married priests.


"The church cannot take its success in the global South for granted. It is under pressure from lean start-ups with more vigorous marketing. Its market share in Latin America has declined from 90% in 1910 to 72% today, thanks to the growth of Pentecostalism."

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