Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reading Rat February 2013

On authors and works in my recommended reading:

"What Jesus was crucified on probably looked more like a capital 'T', the crossbeam to which Jesus' wrists were nailed being hoisted to rest atop an already anchored upright post. It was then probably secured in place by a spike. The Christian cross probably represents a melding of this 'T' shape with the solar cross as a bit of religious syncretism." --Tim Callahan, The Greatest Story Ever Garbled, Skeptic, February 25, 2009, review of Zeitgeist, Part I of The Greatest Story Ever Told, a film by Peter Joseph (via Arts & Letters Daily)

"The Court skipped right over formidable interpretive problems that required the kind of attention to language, history, and purposes that its members had lavished on many other parts of the Constitution: Are the establishment and free exercise provisions two separate “clauses” each with its own set of values, and somewhat in tension with one another? Or is there, as the historical record suggests, but one religion clause whose establishment and free exercise provisions serve one central value—the freedom of religion? Is free exercise an individual right, or does it also have associational and institutional aspects?" --Mary Ann Glendon, Religion & the Court: A New Beginning? First Things, March 1992

Clash of Religious Titans: Kingsley vs. Newman, by John Spencer Neumann, The Concord Review, Fall 1996 [pdf]

Woodrow Wilson on Education, by Isaiah Berlin (1959, 2004) written for, but not published in, a book, Education in the Nation’s Service [pdf]

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