Thursday, December 13, 2012

Archdiocese arguing Thursday that, in principle, all 570 victim cases should be tossed

SNAP Wisconsin posted,
'In Federal Bankruptcy Court on Thursday December 13th Judge Susan V. Kelley will hear arguments from church lawyers who, at the instruction of Archbishop Jerome Listecki, will ask the court to again dismiss, in principle, nearly 600 cases filed by victims sexually assaulted by clergy of the Milwaukee Archdiocese... .'
Without reviewing the actual filings, 'in principle' sounds like a request for a ruling that allegations fitting a particular pattern would not constitute a claim which would be paid in bankruptcy, with rulings on individual or classes of claims to follow.

Update: Johnson reported the Judge dismisses 2 archdiocese abuse claims.
'In dismissing two claims Thursday, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Susan V. Kelley ruled that one failed to show fraud - there was no evidence the priest had abused anyone else - and that the other had reason to suspect fraud years earlier but did not act on it.'
Earlier in the article she says 'The archdiocese's efforts to dismiss large numbers of claims are a first for Catholic church bankruptcies.' It appears the goal is to pay nothing, no matter how much that costs.

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