Friday, November 30, 2012

Reading Rat November 2012

On authors and works in my recommended reading:

Orestes Brownson-- The One Who Got Away, by Jeffrey B. Symynkywicz, Rev. Jeff's Sermon Blog, June 3, 2012

The price of independence, by George William Van Cleve, adapted from A Slaveholders’ Union: Slavery, Politics, and the Constitution in the Early American Republic, University of Chicago Magazine, Sept-Oct 2010

Word Made Flesh, by Benjamin Anastas, review of Reading Jesus: A Writer’s Encounter With the Gospels, by Mary Gordon, The New York Times, November 20, 2009

Philosophy and Revelation, by Sverozar Minkov, review of Leo Strauss and the Theologico-Political Problem, by Heinrich Meier, translated by Marcus Brainard, Claremont Review of Books, Spring 2007

Matthew Arnold, by Irving Babbitt, review of Matthew Arnold: How to Know Him, by Stuart P. Sherman, The Nation, August 2, 1917

Woodrow Wilson's "Peace Without Victory" Address, January 22, 1917: A Continuity of Thought, by Uthara Srinivasan, The Concord Review, Spring 1991 [pdf]

Three Who Made a Revolution, by Isaiah Berlin, American Historical Review 55 (1949), 86–92, review of Three Who Made a Revolution: A Biographical History of Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin (1948), by Bertram D. Wolfe [pdf]

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