Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sighin's of the times

"The Spirit of Vatican II has taught us that all religions are good and each one is a valid path to God. We should never proselytize, that is, try to convert someone. What we should do is live such kind, unselfish lives that people will see us and ask, How did he become so perfect? Only then can you talk to them about religion. But if someone does notice an imperfection in you, be ready to defend yourself. I know this sounds like what the Pharisees did, but it is actually the new way of drawing people.

"In the same spirit of Vatican II we know that God does not care about what we believe, but what we do for others. At the end of the day he will ask us whether or not we showed compassion, I mean real compassion, like when we saw some person or even animal suffering, did we feel sorry for them and want to help? I know a man who others judged because he left his wife and children for a younger woman. She eventually left him because she could not tolerate his drinking lifestyle. But when that man was down and out, he saw this poor stray cat, limping. He tried to help, but the ungrateful animal scratched him. The important thing is that he showed compassion. Do you think God will hold him to some man-made, er human made, set of rules? Do you think it will matter whether or not he came to Mass?"

--Fr. Phil Bloom, The Usual Homily: a generic homily, for all occasions

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