Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dateline: 1977: New Milwaukee archbishop speaks against bingo

"The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee had a new bishop in 1977, the Most Rev. Rembert Weakland, whose comments would have been of interest to Wausau parishioners because of his position’s influence on the larger Church.  
"'It is dangerous for any parish to balance its budget on bingo alone. ... No church should do it,' Weakland was quoted as saying in the Oct. 30, 1977, edition of the Wausau Daily Herald."
The article goes on to note how quaint it now seems that that Weakland was then controversial because of bingo.
"He echoed concerns expressed by James Groppi, a widely known civil rights leader and a Catholic priest who had been excommunicated after he got married in 1976. Groppi had complained that wealthy parishes were making money on bingo games at the expense of poor people."
Just so it's clear speaking against bingo is not heretical.

(via Badger Catholic)

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