Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Better know a[n Archdiocesan] district

On the off chance your parish has told you nothing of substance about the latest iteration of parish planning, at our Archdiocese's website, go to 2011-2012 Cluster Parishes and open the document 11-12 Parish Clusters to find out your parish's district. Then go to 2020 Parishes and Pastoral Leadership and that link will take you to a list with links to an explanatory Introduction and to district maps showing the plan for your parish in 2020. For example, the District 16 Map shows plans for St. Alphonsus to remain a stand-alone parish with either two priests or one priest assigned.

The introductory 2020 Parishes and Pastoral Leadership includes this on page 3.
"Each year, the Office for Planning and Councils publishes a summary of multiple years of data submitted by each parish. The Report provides over a decade of data on the number of households and members, age profile of parish membership, sacramental reception, Mass attendance, and finances. It is important information for potential cluster partners and parish to know."
'Parish' meaning you, one of the people who provides the 'time, talent, and treasure'? Of course not, as it goes on,
"Because the data is submitted confidentially, limited access by persons or groups consulting on this document must be maintained."
In other words, how's the stewardship on the inside? None of our business. You can see financial statements that show how the money was spent, but not the data on what, if anything, was accomplished.

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