Saturday, July 14, 2012

The way of the cross-purposes

“Faith in Public Life, the same media strategy group running cover for the Obama administration in the HHS mandate controversy, is also running the PR campaign for the Nuns on the Bus tour,” Kevin James commented at Get Religion. Mollie Hemingway elaborates in Credulity, chutzpah and Catholic battles.

Likewise, while our Archbishop works someone's fingers to the bone on "Fortnight for Freedom" emails, in our Archdiocese's weekly (of which he is publisher) we read 'Nuns on the Bus’ roll into Milwaukee in style.


  1. There are very few Bishops who are actually up to the munus of the office.

    Morlino, Bruskewitz, Chaput, George--on occasion--and a few others Stateside.

  2. Good bishops clean house when they arrive to avoid a ... conflict of interest ... with their editors.