Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reading Rat July 2012

On authors and works in my recommended reading:

John Jermiah Sullivan cuts to, if not through, the Faulknerian not:
“and not this, nor that, nor even the other thing, but a fourth thing — adjective adjective adjective — made him lift the hoe.”

August Strindberg and Helium

Charles Darwin's on the Origin's of Species: A Graphic Adaptation, by Michael Keller, illustrated by Nicole Rager Fuller, Emmaus, PA: Rodale, 2009

Deeply I love only life": Nietzsche’s Rejection of Eros, senior essay by Eve Tushnet

"Notes from the House of the Dead [or Notes from Underground]--based on Dostoyevsky's life in a Tsarist prison--presages the Gulag." --Raphael and McLeish

Pam: Sex with you is really a Kafka-esque experience.
Alvy Singer: Oh. Thank you.
Pam: I mean that as a compliment.
--Annie Hall (1977)

"Daisy Miller has for its heroine an American girl, beautiful, innocent, and willful, who goes through Europe without any other thought than that she should behave there as she had behaved at home in Schenectady: her own mistress, free to see whom she pleases and to say whatever is in her mind. Her death from Roman fever is no punishment for this; rather, it is the accidental consequence of a rash visit one night to the Colosseum with a beautiful young man of Rome against whom she had been warned." --Mark Van Doren, The Great Ideas Today 1969, p. 292

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