Tuesday, June 5, 2012

St. Alphonsus 'angels' turn out in force for ill students

This morning's paper reports from our parish school.
"In the middle of it all, with the aid of a bullhorn, Principal Pat Wadzinski began to marshal everyone for the school's first-ever Guardian Angel Walk, an idea someone came up with to raise money for parish families, such as the Marcotts and the Schuellers, who are financially stressed because of a child's illness."

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  1. Aquinas1:10 PM

    Talk about a mixed bag! Then there's this from St. Alphonsus' pastor:

    "Thanks to all who signed the nomination forms recommending the Religious Women as a group to receive this year’s Vatican II Award. We will see what the archdiocese decides.

    "I have a priests’ council meeting this Tuesday. This is always a worthwhile meeting since the Archbishop has the opportunity to hear the wisdom of the priests on issues of importance for the future of our local church.

    "I will be gone June 11-14 to attend the first convocation of the United States Association of Catholic Priests. In just eight months, we have grown from a group of 24 “founding fathers” (I was happy to be among them) to over 600 members. About 200 priests will gather for this conference called Keeping the Spirit of Vatican II Alive."

    Let's look into what's on the agenda at that little convocation, shall we? How 'bout this little gem:

    "Fr. Bob Cushing - “Our Sacred Wound: Contemplation and Psycho-Sexual Integration”
    This focus session is a workshop on Contemplation and Psycho-Sexual Integration. The method is through peer spiritual direction where a group of 5 to 15 men are invited to treasure life stories in a safe and sacred space through contemplative listening and responding. This is an invitation to be the sanctuary where personal story-telling in triads will empower men to name and claim their own sexual history."

    ...and don't miss Archbishop Weakland's turn at bat (as it were...):

    "Archbishop Rembert Weakland OSB – “The Origins of Paul VI’s Novus Ordo”
    1. What was the implementation committee (the Consilium) trying to accomplish?
    2. In which of these areas did it succeed best?
    3.What remains to be done?"

    ...and, as a palate cleanser, don't miss an evening's entertainment with...

    ...wait for it...



    I guess there is such a thing as time travel!!