Saturday, May 5, 2012

What counts, and who's counting

Students at St. Martin of Tours School contributed $1,111 to the Ronald McDonald house, Franklin Now reported. "The money was collected by the school's 94 students as part of their Lenten service project, said Principal Jeanne Johnson."

St. Martin School has 94 students? Seems relatively few. Last I saw, St. Martin of Tours parish had 3,931 members.

Update: The June 3, 2012 bulletin lists a graduating class of eleven. (My eighth grade graduation class at St. Veronica School was 110; times sure have changed.) The pastor says in his weekly column, "We just had graduation on Friday and school will end this coming week. We started with 82 and ended with 92. At the moment, we already have 90 signed up for this coming year."

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