Saturday, May 26, 2012

Singing the Mass

Singing the Mass, by the Most Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phonix

  • Part One: Liturgical Music as participation in Christ
  • Part Two: A short history of liturgical music
  • Part Three: Sacred music’s role in evangelization
  • Part Four: Practical points for Singing the Mass
  • (via Adoremus Bulletin)

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    1. Aquinas6:28 PM

      I've been blowing this horn for decades. Turning the situation around, with proper music and texts, is going to take awhile; things have, at least in this archdiocese, been so bad for so long. After all, there are now at least a coup,e generations of Catholics who, not knowing any better, consider the likes of "On Eagle's Wings" "traditional" liturgical music.

      Parishes might start by hiring actual, conservatory-trained musicians with proper background in liturgy and paying them decent salaries. The norm now seems to be to hire mediocre "musicians" ("I play the guitar and can find my way around the piano if i need to, Father.") with ardent enthusiasms and a feel for the "spirit" of Vatican II. The Church deserves better.