Wednesday, April 4, 2012


In an op-ed in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Peter Isely, Midwest director of SNAP, and Father James Connell, identified as the "pastor of two Catholic parishes in Sheboygan", urge our Archbishop to drop opposition to the Bankruptcy Court permitting release of transcripts of depositions of Archbishop Weakland and Bishop Sklba and other documents.
"Last week, Listecki claimed his principle [sic?] objection to the release is that, although he couldn't explain how, it would result in the identification of victims' names and identities.

"Nothing could be further from the truth."
I must disagree. While there are times when it seems difficult to trace a path from things our Archdiocese says in this arena to the truth, if one took the time to measure, there surely would be many things said elsewhere by others that were even further from the truth.

I noticed Father Connell is not identified as vice chancellor of our Archdiocese. Has that changed since February?

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