Monday, November 7, 2011

A patter of Bourgeois

Father Roy Bourgeois was in Milwaukee to speak at this year's Call to Action conference, Annysa Johnson reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"This year, he received a second 'canonical warning' from the Maryknolls, saying he would be expelled from the order if he did not publicly recant. The move prompted more than 200 priests, including some in Wisconsin, to sign an open letter supporting Bourgeois' right to speak his conscience.

"Catholic teaching holds that only men are called to the priesthood. Pope John Paul II reinforced that position in a 1994 apostolic letter, saying the church has no authority to ordain women."

Which leaves the potential for parishioners to be asked to donate time and money for programs to spread and reinforce Catholic teaching, while a priest in the same parish says his conscience demands he publicly contradict Catholic teaching. And continue on the payroll.

P.S. Here's the conference schedule.

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  1. Drat! Missed the whole thing.