Sunday, October 9, 2011

Looking back at The Sixties, and theirs

There's now a national organization for old progressive priests. Robert McClory's article in the National Catholic Reporter quotes Fr. David Cooper as saying the new Association of U.S. Catholic Priests was formed to give priests a voice he says they lost due to changes in canon law. In 1983. "Asked why a national association has not emerged before, Cooper said he didn't know."

If progressive priests don't know where they've been for 28 years, then it is hard to believe they now know where they're going.

Another "core member" of the organization, Fr. Len Dubi, summed up the experience of the founding meeting. "It's like the excitement we felt in the seminary -- even though the median age of our group is about 71!" Fr. Dubi hopes the organization can attract young priests, which in this context appears to mean those born after the death of Pope Pius XI.

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  1. They missed out on Woodstock, ya know.