Saturday, August 20, 2011

What, never? Well, hardly ever!

"Genuine ecumenical dialogue can never be fruitful merely through contrasting newspaper articles without personal conversation on a face to face level." says Bishop Richard J. Sklba in this column in our Archdiocesan weekly contrasting his view of Catholic teaching with that expressed by Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod president Rev. Mark G. Schroeder in this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel op-ed.


  1. Well, Bp Sklba has a point: the formulation that Schroeder used to define RC teaching on the Papacy is inaccurate.

    But Sklba's comment on the 'justification' question. If I read it correctly and VERY carefully, he only notes that the 'mutual condemnations' no longer hold.

    It would have been nice if he had stated the teaching on 'justification', too.

  2. More to my point, he could have said why there haven't been "personal conversations". If Rev. Schoeder declined on principle, then Bishop Sklba could have cited that as the reason for resorting to dialogue via published views. If Rev. Schroeder wasn't asked to meet, Bishop Sklba's column was, on its own terms, a waste of time.

  3. Unhhh....ahhh.....IIRC, "prep-time" for depositions can be very demanding.