Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ordaining women as retired priests

Voice Of The Faithful has provided a $10,000 grant to Ruth Kolpack to make a documentary film of her 2009 firing as a pastoral associate from a Catholic parish in the Diocese of Madison, today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison dismissed her, it appears, after being convinced of the truth of allegations "that she, among other things, encouraged non-Catholics to take communion in Catholic churches, believes in women's ordination and believes she can consecrate the Eucharist... ."

Ms. Kolpack, the article says, is now 66 years old. When VOTF had a local chapter, I sometimes dropped in. The audience demographics struck me; it was hard to pick out anyone in attendance who looked like they were born after the death of Pope Pius XII. That's also often the case when I see reports of purported women's ordinations. Isn't a claim by a group to be the wave of the future weakened by its having a membership who won't be around when it arrives?

Here's VOTF's press release.

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