Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bohr to Bible (King James Version)

On authors in my recommended reading.
For Bohr, physics was not about finding out what nature is, but about what can be said about it. Quantum mechanics was a complete theory of the behavior of matter and light, and we just have to come to terms with the limitations it places on what can be known... . --Graham Farmelo
it bears noting that Mill used “stupid” as something of a technical term. A good test for whether someone is stupid, he suggests, would be to see whether their thoughts on a given topic could be inferred from those of their social circle. --Jonny Thakkar (via Arts & Letters Daily)
In eighteenth-century usage, a federation was a league between sovereign states. The federal government could relate only to the state governments; it could not deal directly with the individual citizens of those states. This arrangement characterized the Articles of Confederation. Hence, Congress could not impose taxes on individuals directly but had to petition the states for money. --Richard E. Wagner
Last year, Marc Grizzard, the pastor of a 14-member church in Canton, N.C. announced that on Halloween 2009 his flock would burn a pile of books they considered evil.
     That included every version of the Bible that wasn't the King James Version since only the KJV was "God's preserved, inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God... for English-speaking people" Grizzard said. --Frank James (via Brad A. Greenberg at Get Religion)

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