Monday, August 9, 2010

What if they'd just said 'Wait a second'

Our pastor's July 11, 2010 bulletin column announced,
The Priests’ Alliance will be sponsoring a workshop about how best to begin to implement the new translations for the Mass prayers which Rome has mandated to be implemented in Advent 2011.
Any longtime readers might recall Father David Cooper's remarks at a March 22, 2004 Voice Of The Faithful meeting at my parish. Among other things he said were that the Milwaukee Archdiocese Priests Alliance (MAPA) had as part of its mission to be a "voice for the voiceless" in the Church, and among the voiceless were the pro-choice. I had looked back at MAPA's minutes from early 2004, and there was no indication that any leader or member raised any concern about the proposal that the organization be a voice for pro-choice Catholics.

By contrast, I have the impression many MAPA priests still mourn the aborted 1998 Mass translation.


  1. Aquinas5:27 PM

    ...just like many MAPA priests still mourn the fact that Rembert Weakland isn't still archbishop.

  2. Agreed, Aquinas. Whenever new appointments are made which affect parishes I occasionally attend I first look at the list of MAPA members to see if the new pastor is listed there. It is always instructive to note who is and who isn't a member...