Monday, August 2, 2010

A legend in its own mind

Helen Hull Hitchcock reviews 'Vatican II: Renewal within Tradition, edited by Matthew L. Lamb and Matthew Levering' in Adoremus Bulletin, May 2010
Will the Second Vatican Council be known in the future as a reform council? Or will history judge its vision a failure?
Or a reform council without a vision of how to produce the desired change.

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  1. In this context we would do well to recall then Cardinal Ratzinger’s statement in The Ratzinger Report of 1985:

    “Whether Vatican II and its results will be considered as a luminous period of Church history will depend upon all the Catholics who are called to give it life. As John Paul II said in his commemoration of Borromeo in Milan: ‘the Church of today does not need any new reformers. The Church needs new saints’…”

    And a little further on:

    “Saints, in fact, reformed the Church in depth, not by working up plans for new structures, but by reforming themselves. What the Church needs in order to respond to the needs of man in every age is holiness, not management.”