Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Double vision

Rocco Palmo's report at Whispers in the Loggia on A Wisconsin Round-Trip: Milwaukee's Callahan to La Crosse included this on conditions there.
while most dioceses facing the ongoing waves of church closings execute a realignment plan within a short-term timetable following its announcement, the prior bishop and his team undertook the task in an uncannily creative way: crafting a new pastoral matrix that would reduce the number of parishes from 165 to 75, but keeping it as a "contingency" that would be implemented gradually, and only as future circumstances require.
If I recall correctly, Archbishop Listecki has Milwaukee's Vision: 21st Century plan under review, perhaps to compare it to the La Crosse plan.

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  1. The plan makes many in La Crosse nervous.... In the city of La Crosse itself, it has 7 parishes going down to 4.