Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nobody expects the snappish inquisition

Prior to running for U.S. Senate, Ron Johnson
a Lutheran, sided with Catholic Church leaders in opposing the so-called Child Victims Act before a state Senate committee in January.
Dan Bice's account in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel included this reaction from Peter Isely of SNAP.
"It's interesting they send a Lutheran down to fight a Catholic cause," Isely said. "What would Martin Luther say?"
It's interesting that Mr. Isely is in "any weapon to hand" mode. If, as he says, it is "a Catholic cause" to oppose the "Child Victims Act", is the Act then an anti-Catholic cause? Is he implying that a Lutheran opposing the Act is collaborating with the anti-Christ? Has SNAP set out to test if a cause can be so sympathetic that its proponents cannot overreach?

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