Monday, June 28, 2010

Connell rips, vans, winkles, U.S. Bishops audits

Father James Connell just looked at the procedures set up in the U.S. Bishops 2002 Dallas Charter and found them wanting.
"I actually feel somewhat deceived by the bishops conference," he said.
Compare blogger "Diogenes" at Off the Record in this post from over seven years ago.

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  1. Umnnhhh....

    Reality time: unless a Diocese simply passes ALL allegations 'uphill' (to Rome? USCCB?) there will be a judgment call from a Bishop.

    And no matter the Rules applied, that Bishop is STILL responsible for the end of the story, whatever it may be.

    That's why Bruskewitz never bothered with "guidlines" or administrative crap--especially subjecting all lay volunteers to interminable classes and investigations.

    IF the Bishop is self-dealing, or protecting his pals, nothing will change that. Nothing (except, perhaps, a civil prosecutor.)