Thursday, May 13, 2010

Marquette U. caught with fake ID?

At Marquette Warrior, a faculty member writes, or tries to, on the O'Brien hiring controversy (see below). He begins,
I find myself obligated to express my disappointment, though not my surprise, at seeing that the resolution passed today by the University Academic Senate fails to mention, let alone to declare support for, the Catholic character and mission of Marquette University. Just as unsurprising is the fact that, in some of the exchanges relating to this resolution, the expression “Catholic Identity” appears in quotation marks and is not too subtly referred to as an outmoded thing.
It's already been quite a while since it was first observed that many Catholic colleges and universities tend to treat Catholic identity like a wedding ring in a singles bar.

But perhaps the current situation at MU is still relatively good. When I say relatively I'm recalling freshman theology there. The two semesters included the instructor regularly telling us one of his colleagues had "proved the Holy Spirit does not exist".

(via Right On)

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