Friday, April 2, 2010

Grating expectations

Katherine Lingle unintentionally points out a potential problem with "Restorative Justice" programs.
Is it fair to expect victims to be the ones who make the first move?
I say not if it's put that way, but she's already got the expectation ramped up to mandate.
To follow Jesus, Catholic victims should come forward and ask for the services of the program.
For an example of how "expectations" of victims can work in practice, see the letter to the editor from Miriam C. Ross, SSND, published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

P.S. Though "two can play" the expectations of victims game.

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  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Miriam does not seem to get it. One of the reasons there is so much "rage" is that here in Milwaukee, the same protectors of so much abuse of every kind are still in power, i.e. Weakland, Sklba, Cusick, Hartman, Connel, and on and on it goes.Both Weakland and Dolan assigned priets well know for their sexual involvement with teenaged boys. It is hard for anyone to believe that any real "change" has taken place....thus the "rage." It exists for very GOD reasons.