Sunday, March 21, 2010

Founders lost? Shakespeare found?

Algebra in Wonderland, by Melanie Bayley

Lincoln in Peoria, by Harry V. Jaffa, review of 'Lincoln at Peoria: The Turning Point', by Lewis E. Lehrman, and 'Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words that Remade America, by Garry Wills

How Christian Were the Founders?, by Russell Shorto

Madison's Avenues, by Michael P. Zuckert, review of 'The Madisonian Constitution', by George Thomas, and 'James Madison and the Spirit of Republican Self-Government', by Colleen A. Sheehan

'Shakespeare's lost play' no hoax, says expert, by Mark Brown
(via Joe Carter at First Things)

Reading Rat: Recommended reading by these authors.

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