Thursday, January 21, 2010

Swinging a poll

Regarding Tuesday's U.S. Senate special election result in Massachusetts, TS posts "For the first time in eons I watched Keith Olbermann - simply for purposes of schadenfreude. 'It's never over till the other team's cheerleaders are crying,' said a friend in the '80s."

See the comments to this election Debrief post by Margaret O'Brien Steinfels at dotCommonweal.

Used to be one could anticipate an outcome like this when the topic disappeared at Escahaton. Not such a hard and fast rule lately.

Update: Garry Wills at NYRblog on what the election result showed about President Obama. "In a sense, he swallowed his own Kool-Aid."
"During his campaign, Obama’s critics called him a hope-addict, all rosy scenarios and Let’s-get-along and Kumbaya. It is sad to realize, at last, that they were right."

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