Friday, January 8, 2010

The shepherd and the sheep's complacency

In a Wisconsin Public Radio report, Archbishop Listecki attributes declining Mass attendance to a complacent laity.

He elsewhere elaborated.
Listecki made it clear that he wants to win back followers. To do so, he hopes to "tell the story" about good things being done in the archdiocese, which represents some 640,000 Catholics.
Presumably this will be tweaked away from this works-righteousness form.
"A lot of the data coming back says they've just grown apart from (church)," Listecki said. "They've stopped going to church, stopped participating in a religious community or parish and have kind of grown into that complacency in relationship to God."

He attributes that to the grown [sic] secular nature of society, an issue he addressed during his first homily.
So it isn't entirely the laity's fault; it's also society's fault.

P.S. From the St. Al's bulletin: Mass Is Boring? Your fault.


  1. I'll go with the "both" track.

    Secularization/materialism AND ...

    the (local) Church's silliness beginning around ......oh.....1980.

  2. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Listecki will not win anyone back until he distances himself from Weakland, Sklba, Dolan and the rest of the idiots who have wrecked this diocese. They all have to go.............

  3. Dolan was bad for the Archdiocese?

    Do tell.

  4. Well he could start by sorting out assorted clergy around the diocese - demanding orthodoxy in preaching and practice, adherence to the rubrics in liturgy, accent on prayer and devotion in parishes, Eucharistic Adoration, less ‘social talk’ and more spirituality. And a TLM or three wouldn’t hurt either! Being versed in civil and Canon Law, the man must know a bit of Latin, right?

    Lead by example, your Grace – just like the Holy Father!

  5. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Andrew, sorry I missed your comment. Personally I do not think that Dolan was good for the Archdiocese. He enabled Weakland at every turn. Kept all of Weakland's people in place. How many millions of dollars have the actions of Weakland and Sklba cost the Archdiocese...and Weakland and Dolan have never discussed this issue? And don't forget he alllowed Fr. Massingale to write and lecture against the ammendment that would define marriage as between a man and a woman. The list is to long. Dolan is an ambitious man. He only wanted to get to NY. In my opinion, he has no internal beliefs!