Monday, January 4, 2010

New Archbishop punches in

When the installations of Popes John Paul I and II successively eliminated many royal and even ecclesiastical trappings, a non-Catholic colleague asked, "What next, Pope's first day on the job?" While our Archdiocesan weekly teases us with an invition to Meet the 'new guy', it goes on to report that for Archbishop Listecki, Installation will include centuries-old rituals. For example, here's an explanation of The Coat of Arms of Archbishop Listecki.

Our Archdiocese says Installation Mass Broadcast Live, and there will be live streaming at WISN-TV. Here's the Order of Worship.

Update: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted a series of photos from last night's Vespers. Bishop Listecki used a silver hammer to knock three times on the cathedral door. (No pop culture references were harmed in taking this photo.) The photos provide a number of views of features of our renovated Cathedral, such as the Crucifix.

Update 2: Press conference to follow the installation.

Update 3: At Whispers in the Loggia, Brewerland Word of the Day: "Witamy, Arcybiskup".

Somehow brings to mind local DJ "Mad Man" Michaels' Dragnet parody about a detective on the trail of The Czarnina Kid.

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