Friday, December 4, 2009

Snark launch, photo from 45th Range Squadron, 45th Space Wing, Patrick Air Force Base Don’t call me a liturgist--a liturgist tells somebody when to start playing the guitars. --Rev. Robert Taft, S.J.

Over the span of decades, Wisconsin has become a national embarrassment, as drivers with six, seven, and eight DUI arrests continue killing citizens on our roads. For generations, the Legislature does nothing (in fact, in some areas of the state, driving with a beer cozy in one hand is part of the road test at the DMV.) --Christian Schneider

Recently, it’s become popular to believe that when a zombie loses its head, it dies. With today’s resignation of Fritz Henderson, the reanimated corpse of General Motors is testing that theory. --Edward Niedermeyer

What might be the results of an old media, or Newspaper bailout? Well, FTC Chair Jon Leibowitz's wife would likely stay employed, for one. --Dan Riehl (via InstaPundit)

Bishop Murray has learned well from his American brothers. Asked to explain why so many people think the Irish hierarchy engaged in a conspiracy of silence, he replies that "it's worth saying that the report also says that communication at that level was poor, in other words the individual auxiliary bishops did not know." Ah, yes: faulty record-keeping; poor internal communication. Sound familiar? There's more: "I would say that I hope we are all on a learning curve." --Diogenes

...there are two ways to deal with scientific illiteracy: take a long, hard look at the forces that repel so many from science, or throw up your hands and write people off as fools.

Michael Specter, a science and public health writer for The New Yorker, shows little interest in the first approach in his pugnacious new book, Denialism... --Darshak Sanghavi

...[Robert Wright's] Afghan anti-terror strategy eventually boils down to, in effect, 'Hey, we'll catch Al Qaeda's nukes when they arrive here in shipping containers.' --Mickey Kaus

(... a country may need to forget the disappointment that followed its last bout of euphoria before it succumbs to it again. It may be a decade or two before many people can believe in another New Jerusalem.) --"Bagehot"

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