Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Purgatory: 'Hallway' to heaven, not 'holding tank' on way to hell!

Bishop Richard J. Sklba in this "Herald of Hope" column in last week's Milaukee Catholic Herald tells of last month's meeting of the Lutheran-Roman Catholic Dialogue. The meeting's "neuralgic" topic was Purgatory.
A closer analogy to our Catholic teaching is that of quasi process, namely a cleansing or purification needed by absolutely everyone except the Blessed Virgin Mary, before entering the presence of God forever.

No plenary indulgence is indicated for participation in the Dialogue.

P.S. The headline's "'holding tank' on way to hell" leaves the impression the Herald is edited by an analogy to a quasi-process.

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  1. In the 15th century Council of Florence which attempted to heal the east west schism (and almost succeeded), it would seem the Orthodox were told they need not hold the Western doctrine of purgatory for reconciliation with Rome

    "It would SEEM" ????????

    Generally, when stuff is in writing, it either is, or it ain't.

    And if it was not in writing, then it ain't.

    BTW, Cdl Newman's "Dream of Gerontius" could easily be read as a 'process' thing...