Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting what you paid for

Karen Terry was lead researcher for the $1.8 million New York's John Jay College of Criminal Justice which just reported the results of their study commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.
Some Catholic leaders have contended that because 80 percent of the abuse victims were male, the crisis must have been caused by gay priests acting out. But Dr. Terry said she found that abusers ... had no clear pattern of homosexual behavior.

Via Diogenes, See what you get for $1.8 million?

P.S. He previewed the study's findings in this June 24, 2005 post.

P.P.S. One thing you don't get for only $1.8 million is proof-reading. Section 4.2 Summary: Characteristics of the Incidents of Alleged Sexual Abuse by Catholic Priests (page 68) says,
Unlike in the general population, more males than females were allegedly.

Either that or it still dare not speak its name. That same page of the summary also says, by the way, that "the abuse is less likely to occur if there are fewer opportunities for the abuse to happen."

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