Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Eucharistic Prayer and the New Archbishop

At our Archdiocese's Prayer and Worship weblog,
Dean Daniels, Director of the Archdiocesan Office for Worship, provides the following information regarding how to refer to Archbishop-designate Jerome E. Listecki in the Eucharistic Prayer. Dean recommends the following:

(Sort of like the Ten Suggestions, now we have rubricommendations.)
For Jerome our Archbishop-Designate,
For William our Diocesan Administrator

That's shorter than the Academy Award acceptance speech form at so many parishes. For a distant example, Fr. Shawn O'Neal once said that,
For the record, I alter the Eucharistic Prayer. For example, in EP 2, go to "Lord, remember your Church..." after the consecration. I say: "...together with John Paul, our Pope, William, our bishop, all bishops, all priests, all deacons, all religious, and all people whom you, Lord, have called by name."

At my parish Bishop Sklba still gets added, but mention of Archbishop Weakland seemed to disappear sometime during the run-up to the Faith In Our Future capital campaign.

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