Friday, August 28, 2009

Archbishop Weakland’s Perplexing Pilgrimage

Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin reviews Archbishop Weakland's memoirs in the Without A Doubt column in The Rhode Island Catholic, August 27, 2009
It strikes me that critics of Archbishop Weakland should be at least a little restrained in their umbrage, for after all there are many redeeming qualities of the Archbishop’s life and ministry. ...

On the other hand, supporters of Archbishop Weakland should also be able to recognize the self-serving inconsistencies and contradictions contained in his story. ...
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Here's Archbishop Weakland's own wish-list for Second chances from his Herald Of Hope column in the November 22, 2001 Milwaukee Catholic Herald.

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  1. 7. If I had it to do over, I probably would have tried to bring about a bit more uniformity among the parishes in liturgical practices. When I arrived here, I sensed a certain freedom that I thought was helpful. It gave people more choices in how and where they would worship. Gradually I could see that most of the excesses, let us say "from the left," began to disappear and the liturgies began to have more dignity and a higher quality. I probably did not challenge enough the practices "on the right" and bring them to a better understanding of Vatican Council II.

    Sure. That's it. "The Right" didn't understand SC--like where it emphasized Latin over the vulgar, or Propers over "hymns."

    What an insufferable jerk.