Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Testing the spirit

Tom Kreitzberg at Disputations
It's a common observation that many aspects of the post-Vatican II emphasis on the laity in the Roman Catholic Church -- the large numbers of layfolk who for various reasons enter the sanctuary during Mass, the professionalization of numerous parish ministries, the certificate and degree programs -- are in effect forms of clericalism. ...

This also shows up in advocacy of women's ordination expressed in terms of clerical status rather than service, see Female clergy answer the same call.
Over-privileging the human activities that occur within the church building, which is what our New & Improved Post-Vatican II Clericalism does, results in under-privileging the human activities that occur outside the church building. ...

The result of clericalism is secularism.

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  1. Not quite the song lyrics...

    "I've looked at clericalism from both sides now..."

    Clericalism, reduced to its simplest terms, is egoism, with or without collar.