Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marty Haugen replies

The Curt Jester, back on April 2, 2008, quoted Mr. Haugen from the now-deleted Commander Craig's Corner weblog.
My own hesitancy about joining the Church is not about its eucharistic theology, but rather around the unwillingness of the Church to commission, ordain and welcome all humans as Jesus did: male and female, married and unmarried, saints and sinners. I believe that the Church, God's people and all of creation have suffered from this omission.

If someone believed Catholic Eucharistic theology and that the Catholic Church is "the Church", then it would seem to follow one would join and stay despite anything. The reasons people do not join or stay in the Church might indicate the actual level of belief in Catholic Eucharistic theology, among other things. Among those other things, where might Haugen have gotten the idea that Church teaching on ordination involves an "omission", as if a To Do list has been misplaced for two millennia? From what I see and hear, probably from some of the Church's clergy and staff.

P.S. I can't claim he is utterly lacking in perspective.
I do not think of my own music as central or important to Roman Catholic worship, present or future.

Sounds like we'd hear less of his music at St. Al's if he was the Director of Liturgy and Music.

P.P.S. At Catholic Wintertime In Milwaukee, a call for more liturgical diversity in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, such as more Michael Joncas. I understand he once wrote something called "On Eagles Wings".


  1. My greatest fear is that the author of that blog is a priest in good standing in Milwaukee...

    It might be so. The writing demonstrates a serious case of arrested development.

    The only other possibility is that the author is a teenager, or, perhaps, a DRE.

  2. Anonymous8:59 PM

    He sounds like he could be a candidate for the seminary in Milwaukee.

  3. Dad29, rather than "arrested development" consider the possibility it's an Orwellian cocoon: "Diversity Is More Of The Same".

    Anonymous, he doesn't reflect the prevailing views of recently ordained priests and seminarians according to what others have commented here, but we'll see what develops.

  4. Just stopped by. I noticed a reference to Deal Hudson. Is that the same as the sexual pervert Deal Hudson? Jack

  5. Readers can check my sidebar testimonials on John M. Haynes ("Jack"). He had made insinuations about why someone else blogged under a pseudonym, I pointed out he did the same. Jack replied he did so to protect a young man, "Frank", who he had taken under his wing. Jack then disclosed what he said was his full name and other biographical details. In other words, if "Jack" is who he says he is, he put trying to score a combox point over the interests of "Frank". So let's hope Jack's an internet troll, and "Frank" part of the charade.

  6. Terrence,

    Your typical evasion. I ask question. You won't answer. I do go to about 5 blogs, for discussion and information. I have given you my full name. Frank is the 'step son' of my wife and me. He has his own blog. We do use the house computer.Plenty of personal information on my blog.

    But why will you not answer my question? All this "sidebar" crap is just your refusal to answer my question. Are you afraid? Jack, or if you prefer, John M. Haynes

  7. There are other and numerous examples of "Jack's" troll "questions" if a reader cares to follow the comment thread linked in the sidebar.

  8. I assume "troll" questions are comments are questions or comments you are afraid to answer. Jack