Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ever genuflect in a movie theater?

In his December 8, 2008 "On Religion" column in in USA Today, Mark I. Pinsky's discusses Putting the 'fun' in fundamentalism.
The popular image of fundamentalist faith — whether Jewish, Muslim or evangelical Christian — is humorless, intolerant and angry, unhesitant to cast the first stone, sometimes literally. The words "whimsy" and "orthodoxy" do not often appear in the same sentence.

Yet humor is a way of explaining religion — to its adherents and to others. Increasingly, believing members of orthodox faith traditions are able to joke about their foibles and shortcomings before an audience of their community — if only in the safe, sheltered environs of a mosque social hall, an Israeli comedy club or a sold-out Apostles of Comedy concert at a central Florida megachurch.

(via Terry Mattingly at Get Religion)

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