Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Our Archdiocese of Milwaukee's Living Our Faith evangelization initiative has published an eight page supplement to today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. It describes itself as a special edition of the Milwaukee Catholic Herald. It also seems to be the December 2008 Living Our Faith newsletter. And it's "Volume 1, Number 1", so perhaps we'll see in in the morning paper again.

In addition to its articles, there are quite a few ads, which presumably covered at least some of the cost.

The articles includes a blurb for Advent podcasts by Bishop Sklba and Bishop Callahan.

There's also mention of Advent Hopes for a New Presidency in which John Huebscher, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Catholic Conference, gives his version of "O Come, O Rahm Emanuel".

I find the publication encouraging in a particular way. This year my Sunday School text is Justice: Building God's Reign. If increasing Mass attendance were deemed impossible or impractical because of society's attitudes, it would be hard to believe Church social teaching could affect society's attitudes on, say, war or poverty.

Update: the Archdiocese has posted it as a 39 meg (!) pdf linked here.

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