Monday, November 10, 2008

Wolf directs communications

Asked if it had a new director of communications, a spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee declined comment and said all persons who would have been in a position to comment were unavailable, out of town, and impossible to contact.

Just kidding. The Milwaukee Catholic Herald, September 25, 2008 reports
Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan has promoted Julie Wolf, assistant director of communications for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, to director of communications.


  1. 悉怛多缽怛囉PLANET7:40 AM

    證據 時效

  2. Aquinas2:01 PM

    Or... perhaps this is a communiqué from the new Archdiocesan Director of Communications! I must say: it is an improvement over what's been communicated in the past.

  3. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Sad to hear about the former person.