Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Madison-area Catholics decry Morlino's leadership in open letter

Doug Erickson reported in the Wisconsin State Journal back on October 11, 2008 on the paid publication in the paper that day of an "open letter" to Madison Bishop Robert Morlino criticizing his leadership. Among the statistics cited,
James Green of Madison, one of the organizers of the effort, said the advertisement cost about $3,500 and was paid for by more than 40 people, 36 of whom are listed by name. Seven others are remaining anonymous because they work for the church, Green said.

That is, they want to have their cake and burrow from within it.

In non-news,
Many of the contributors are members of the Madison branch of Call to Action (CTA), a national organization of Catholics whose positions on issues such as women's ordination and priest celibacy are at odds with church hierarchy.

Dog bites man, CTA bites bishop.
Asked for evidence of poor morale among priests, several of the letter signers mentioned the Association of Madison Priests.

Supposedly as a means of raising morale. Odd, since back when the Milwaukee Archdiocese Priests Alliance published its minutes, they indicated the members spent a lot of time feeling sorry for themselves.
In Milwaukee, a priest alliance formed about seven years ago to give members brotherly support and an independent voice, said the Rev. Dave Cooper, a founder.

Fr. Cooper, you might recall, told a March 22, 2004 Voice Of The Faithful meeting that he pretended to recant his support for women's ordination in order to keep his job.
Another letter signer, Jim Beyers, who attends St. Maria Goretti Parish in Madison, said he wants Morlino to respect priests in the diocese.

"He treats them like children. He's punitive toward them," Beyers said.

He threatens to cut off their allowance if they won't do their chores?

The article goes on to the issue of what kind of men are being made bishop, soliciting contrasting views from Rev. Richard McBrien and Jimmy Akin. Perhaps before long we'll see Der Spiegel with a point-counterpoint between Fr. Kung and Fr. Corapi.

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  1. In an earlier time the title could have read: "Dissident Corinthians decry St. Paul's leadership"...

    As the bulk of the letter-supporters are Call To Action types, Bishop Morlino must be doing something right.

    Keep it up your Excellency!